Instead of listing any complaints or concerns I may have about LuLaRoe, I’m going to write about my thoughts of the differences between Agnes and Dora VS LuLaroe, and why I ultimately decided to make the switch. I’ve been getting a ton of questions about this, so I hope this post will shed some light and help anyone else who is trying to make a similar decision!

Agnes and Dora VS LuLaroe

Agnes and Dora VS LuLaRoe: Why I Made the Switch


1.  The clothes Agnes and Dora Offers

I simply fell in love with the styles and prints Agnes and Dora offers. I stumbled upon the brand on YouTube, I believe. I think they are on trend and more realistic of what the average woman wants to wear.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the styles LuLaRoe offers but many of the prints aren’t attractive to our customers. That’s why we need to keep reinvesting all of our money to buy more inventory.

I think the quality is better as well. Many of their pieces come in modal, which is highly sought after in LuLaRoe. Also, we have tons of solid black!

2.  I Can Pick My Own Prints

With LuLaRoe, I was not able to pick my own prints. I would choose the style and size I wanted, but then the warehouse would choose which prints I received at random. This was fun for a hot second, until I looked around at my inventory and realized that many pieces were not amazing.

With Agnes and Dora, I can choose my own prints! It’s exciting to actually choose what I’ll be carrying in my boutique and I can really cater to my customer’s needs. I simply could not do that before. This was is a huge difference when comparing Agnes and Dora vs LuLaRoe.

3. Timing

Agnes and Dora is in its beginning stage of growth. With 3,000 reps, there is still plenty of time to grow and build. I believe the very best time to join a direct sales company is during its “momentum phase”. This is the phase where it is about to start growing at a rapid phase. You’ve already gone over the “new company” hump, where you spend most of your time teaching others what the company is about and spreading brand awareness. On the other side of the coin, it’s not past that momentum period, where the company is completely oversaturated. It’s that perfect in-between, where many people have heard of the brand before and it’s growing steadily. You still have time to build a loyal customer base and build a team.

While I feel like over saturation is not a reason you can’t succeed, it does make it harder to do so. I think LuLaRoe is too saturated. Even though I made it work, it’s not a secret that there is literally a LuLaRoe pop-up on every corner.

I have heard countless times that it is not Agnes and Dora’s mission to “dominate the world”. They are planning on capping the company at a certain number and limiting the amount of reps that can be in a particular location. This will allow us representatives to create a loyal customer base and really succeed in our local communities.

4. Selling LuLaRoe wasn’t fun. It was stressful. Here’s why.

My inventory with LuLaRoe was about 700 individual pieces and many of them were crazy prints. It takes a ton of work to show each individual piece to multiple people. Of course there are things that sold right away within my VIP group, but a good portion of my inventory was really… unique. So I had to constantly show the same things over and over again. I had to think of new ways to have new eyes on my inventory all the time, because it takes a certain type of person who will fall in love with some of the prints I had.

With Agnes and Dora, we don’t have crazy prints. We choose our prints, so they all have to be sellable otherwise the company loses money. In addition to that, each print or color comes in a full run of sizes. So if I’m showing one piece to my customers, there’s a great chance I will have mutliple sizes in that piece. So I could sell 3-4 sizes by just showing one piece.

Now with LuLaRoe, not only did I have to battle with crazy prints that would take me a long time to move (if ever), but I typically only had one size in each print. So if I had a hot seller, well I could only sell one of them and that was it. That’s not a great business model in my opinion.

Also, taking pictures of individual pieces took up hours upon hours of time. With Agnes and Dora, they do that for us which is AMAZING! That will save me so much time during the week. I’ll still take flatlays and outfit pictures, but that’s because I love doing it and it’s a fun way to mix things up. However, it is NOTHING like taking 700 individual pictures.

5. Agnes & Dora has new styles and prints launching TWICE a month!

Yes, every other week A&D launches brand new styles and prints! This is so exciting for our customers (and of course us retailers!). We always have something new to bring to the table. Because we are always getting new styles in, our customers won’t become bored with the same styles over and over again. And our most popular styles stick around with new prints and colors launching often!

There’s a lot more I’d like to say about my feeling about Agnes and Dora vs LuLaRoe, however, I’m ending this chapter and starting a new one. I will say that I almost quit while I was in the queue. I am thankful that I didn’t, however, because I was able to learn about the clothing business and build myself a solid customer base. This is invaluable information that will no doubt help me with my Agnes and Dora business. It’s information I’ll be able to build with my own Agnes and Dora team, so nothing is in vain. It was a stepping stone for me and I’m glad I went through with it.


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